The Problem

In the long-term medical care space, there is an extremely high level of turnover for Nursing Aides. This is a wide spread issue amongst lower paying jobs but we felt there are things we can do that would help positively impact turnover and increase engagement.


The Solution

Engage is a product that allows all employees to have visibility into their schedule, check-in and check-out of work, attendance behaviors to see how they are tracking and a rewards point system with leaderboard to promote positive behavior. Administrators can then proactively reach out to employees who are displaying negative behavior and have a conversation about their productivity.


My Role

I was involved in the entire lifecycle of this project. The team Product Owner and I performed all of the industry analysis, user research, persona creation, idea validation, data collection and analysis. I was responsible for white board sessions, sketches, site maps, wireframes, high fidelity mockups and prototypes.

Adobe Illustrator, InVision, Google Analytics, Google Docs and Sheets, whiteboard, paper and markers



Through research for this and previous projects created personas for our major user types.

Performed industry analysis as well as user research and idea validation throughout the entire lifecycle of this project.


Information Architecture

Mapped out the entire legacy site to determine touch points where this new product could fit in.



At the beginning of any project, I first sketch out potential solutions because ideation can be done so quickly.



I initially created and validated very simple mockups with boxes representing buckets of content to focus on what’s most important to users.



While we thought this was a solid solution, from our research we found the largest time drain for facility administrators are answering family questions and chasing down answers for peers. With this golden nugget during a 2 day hackathon, I organized a team to dig a bit deeper and created a presentation to communicate our findings.